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Geosparc at INSPIRE Conference, Barcelona

From  September 26 - 30  Geosparc is at the INSPIRE Conference 2016 in Barcelona.

INSPIRE is about efficiently sharing digital spatial data related to the environment between public authorities at all levels of government, across borders and with the public at large. Such requires effective coordination between all authorities involved and a high degree of legal and technical interoperability, which is also pursued in the context of the EU Digital Single Market.

As such, the INSPIRE Conference 2016 aims to show how the implementation of INSPIRE contributes to the European Interoperability Framework and the EU's digital economy in general.

Together with 3 partners Geosparc showcases a very nice INSPIRE solution: INSPIRE GIS.  

We saw a need to simplify INSPIRE for people who provide data sets falling under the Directive. We want to make INSPIRE services valuable through making it easy to publish and to use INSPIRE data, and we want to make it easy to use INSPIRE as an opportunity to improve business processes.


INSPIRE GIS is an easy to use solution for data providers and users implementing INSPIRE. It makes data harmonisation and publishing, including metadata generation, really simple. Through usage of cloud technology, it’s highly cost effective, scalable and robust.

Why should a government be interested in INSPIRE GIS?

Through the integrated data modeling and data transformation tools, INSPRIE GIS enables you to get much more value from the INSPIRE data than if you just do the minimum afforded. INSPIRE GIS is much more cost-effective than existing solutions. Finally, you can use INSPIRE GIS to cover multiple bases – including environmental and statistical reporting.