Web mapping and analyzing of GIS data made easy


Governments and industries understand the importance of leveraging geospatial information. But building a fully customized Web GIS application typically involves an important budget and usually requires software developers to help you with it. Catering to companies and governments without the need and budget for high-end development of customized Web GIS applications Sleevemonkey offers a streamlined solution. It is a beautifully designed Do It Yourself approach to mapping and analyzing GIS data online.

With Sleevemonkey a user can start mapping and analyzing publicly available data or its own data within days and without the help of a developer. It even gives users the ability to customize the application using specific templates and styles. Sleevemonkey brings a new level of convenience to a section of the market that’s never had it before.

Why Sleevemonkey?

Management Console

  • No programming required

  • Configure new applications

  • Manage data layers

    • Supports many formats: WMS, WFS, Shape, OSM, TMS

    • Manage Style

    • Manage who gets access to which data

  • User management - Sleevemonkey comes with a built in User management, but can also be integrated with existing User databases - Manage Groups / Users / Roles

  • Support for spatial filters - define the territory where the user has access to

Deployment options

  • System runs on client infrastructure

  • System runs on Geosparc infrastructure with dedicated hosting


Sleevemonkey is ready to use but clients can go further and add a custom application

Web GIS application

  • Supports raster and vector layers

  • Print map

  • Feature Info: get detailed information on map data

    • Feature info on vector data

    • Feature info on WMS layers

  • Search

    • Widgets for both spatial and alphanumerical search

    • Possibility to save searches as favorites

  • Filter data - use criteria to filter data on map

  • Measure Location, Line Length, Surface area

  • Bookmark and share URL map position


  • Runs on all modern browsers

  • No browser plug-ins required

  • Skinning via CSS3

  • Secure access

  • Define who gets access to data and functionality


  • Sleevemonkey comes with a ready-to-use Mobile Application

  • Handy map with touch support

  • Ability to switch on/off map layers

  • Feature Info via easy touch