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An article on the The Conversation website argues that “powerful tools such as geospatial mapping, predictive modelling, remote-sensing (using aerial imaging to assess the state of vegetation) and mobile technologies have advanced to a stage where they are of practical use to the scientific agronomist, educated extensionist and literate farmer”. It goes on saying that “We now have a real opportunity to link genetic advances and improved management with the social and economic drivers for African agriculture.” Another area where geospatial technologies can make a difference and truly can help people ‘move forward’.  Read the full article here.

Do you think INSPIRE should be easier to implement? From now on, INSPIRE is not hard to implement anymore.  Even better: by seamlessy integrating it with existing tools already used within an organzation, it starts adding value to the processes from day one. With INSPIRE»GIS an organization can get started in no time using the Cloud version or by getting their own customized and on-premise installation. 

The INSPIRE directive is a framework and timetable for sharing spatial data within the European Union in a multinational, multiagency spatial data infrastructure (SDI). INSPIRE technologies and permissions tie data producers and users together into a single geospatial information-sharing community. So far the good news. The other news is that, up till now, this could be a cumbersome project to achieve. No more. Three highly experienced GIS software companies developed the Open Source INSPIRE»GIS stack: Geosparcwe»transform and lat/lon. The  INSPIRE»GIS stack brings organizations explorative modelling, ETL made for INSPIRE, Enterprise grade geodata management, very fast publishing services, GIS analytics and the ability to compose and share their own Web GIS application.

The INSPIRE»GIS software stack: 6 easy steps

1. Design: Extend INSPIRE schemas with a few clicks, create new ones from scratch or maintain a theme together.

2. Transform: Link your current data to INSPIRE and enjoy high performance transformation and validation.
3. Manage: Maintain and update your data sets with enterprise level data management and security.
4. Publish: Create View and Download Services with support for common GIS or BI software.
5. Explore: Discover and view your data together with public sources on all channels.
6. Analyze: Get to the heart of GIS and perform analytics on rich object models and linked data.


A must read article from Directions Magazine on why every business should consider using GIS. The author says that “implementing GIS into a business management strategy is a decision that saves time and money, and frequently improves health and safety”.  We couldn’t agree more. And the conclusion of the article is to the point: “If your business has not begun using the software, it is time to start. It could be the difference between competing effectively and floundering.”

There’s a nice column on Forbes about what GIS can do for your business. The bottom line? “GIS is pretty powerful. The ability to combine geographical data with spreadsheets or database data can be revolutionary for your business performance”. Read the full story here.

Our CEO, Dirk Frigne, gave a much liked presentation at the FOSS4G 2015 event in Como (Italy). The title of the presentation was: “How Open Source and Inspire can be used as tactical weapon for economical growth in Europe”. He talked about Open Source business models, how wildley used Open Source is today, why so many SME’s go for Open Source software, why big software companies are reluctant using it (for the time being that is), how it can help to spur economic growth and much more. You can view his presentation here.

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We provide CIO’s, business managers and developers from industries and government with the best geospatial products, services and solutions resulting in better business decisions, more efficient operations and brand new insights. We provide expert advice on how to approach, analyse & define a geospatial solution and build GIS solutions using the open source software framework Geomajas and other OSGEO tools. In doing so we help our customers unlock the full potential of spatial information contributing to a smarter, safer and more eco-friendly world.

Our team consists of consummate professionals from software engineers, project managers, consultants, business developers, to finance & admin people. Everyone of us has specialist expertise that complements the team and a single-minded focus to serve our customers as best as we can.

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Our utmost priority is customer satisfaction

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We have a penchant for open source technologies and believe in the power of sharing ideas and resources

Our partners play a pivotal role in bringing Geosparc’s Web GIS solutions to market, by spreading the word about our world-class GIS solutions, and by implementing our solutions and complementing them with their own offerings and local support services. We believe in win-win when working with our partners and in fully leveraging each other’s strengths to accomplish great things. We are building a network of partners with system integrators, value added resellers, software developers and consultants. If you are interested in partnering with us, we’d like to hear from you!


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