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Our CEO, Dirk Frigne, gave a much liked presentation at the FOSS4G 2015 event in Como (Italy). The title of the presentation was: “How Open Source and Inspire can be used as tactical weapon for economical growth in Europe”. He talked about Open Source business models, how wildley used Open Source is today, why so many SME’s go for Open Source software, why big software companies are reluctant using it (for the time being that is), how it can help to spur economic growth and much more. You can view his presentation here.

Geosparc is at FOSS4G Europe! On Wednesday July 15, Geosparc’s CEO Dirk Frigne together with Torsten Friebe and Giacomo Martirano will give an inspiring presentation: “How Open Source and INSPIRE can be used as a tactical weapon for economical growth in Europe.”

The second edition of the FOSS4G-Europe Conference takes place at Politecnico di Milano in Como, Italy, from July 15th to 17th, 2015. A day of workshops will precede the conference on 14th July, and a code sprint will close the event on 18th July. The Conference aims to bring together FOSS4G users and developers worldwide and foster closer interactions with and amongst European communities in order to share ideas for improving geodata, software and applications openess. More info can be found here. You can find his presentatation on Slideshare.

At the latest INSPIRE Conference in Lisbon the teams of Geosparcwetransform and lat/lon collectively received the 2015 “Award for recognition of excellence in geo-information technologies“. This award was given in memory of Doug Nebert and Christiner Giger. Doug Nebert, an active member of the OGC Technical Committee and Planning Committee since 1994, received OGC’s highest award in 2005. Alessandro Annoni, Head of the Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit (JRC) explained why the three teams were awarded: “These three teams have been technological enablers of spatial data infrastructures, have ensured the sustainability of research results and have now entered a partnership with great potential“. Dirk Frigne, CEO of Geosparc, accepted the award on behalf of the three teams and thanked the communities and teams behind Geomajasdeegree and HALE. He also highlighted how important Open Source and OSGeo were to get to the state where the community now is.

The INSPIRE Conference provided an excellent opportunity to present Europe's INSPIRE Directive to the community and hear about the developments in National SDIs (Spatial Data Infrastructure).The conference was organised through a series of plenary sessions addressing common policy issues, and parallel sessions and workshops focusing in particular on applications and implementations of SDIs, research issues and new and evolving technologies and applications.

Geosparc announces the launch of Sleevemonkey, a beautifully designed DIY approach to mapping and analyzing GIS data online.  The new Web GIS application is affordable, client-friendly and long overdue for governments and companies concerned with simplifying the process.

From the creators of the Web GIS technology Geomajas comes an industry game changer designed to bring simplicity to mapping and analyzing data. Described as the GIS data solution that makes setup and integration easy, Geosparc announces the launch of Sleevemonkey.  The application brings a new level of convenience to a section of the market that’s never had it before. Catering to companies and governments without the budget for high-end development of Web GIS applications Sleevemonkey offers a streamlined solution.

Typically, the process comes at a high cost and a dedicated team of software developers pouring over extended development time and customization.  Geosparc’s Sleevemonkey affordably simplifies that process.  With the new Geosparc application clients can begin mapping and analyzing data within days without the help of a developer.  The Sleevemonkey web app comes with standard geo data such as OpenStreetMap and other publicly available data sets.  It also gives clients the ability to add and customize their own data using specific templates and styles at no extra cost. Either installed on the client’s servers or hosted by Geosparc, government and industry clients pay a yearly licensing fee. Hands-on support is also available on two levels for the implementation and configuration of Sleevemonkey for an added one-time fee.

Dirk Frigne, CEO of Geosparc said of the SleeveMonkey launch, “We’re happy to provide this Web GIS solution to governments and industries who understand the importance of leveraging geospatial information.  This process has a real impact on improving administrative procedures, coordinating with other entities, and providing better service overall for their clients and citizens.  We’re here to optimize functionality and make the entire process approachable.” 

Scalable, secure and reliable Web GIS solutions support decision making as well as help update and validate the authenticity of data. With these goals top of mind Geosparc’s Sleevemonkey affordably helps companies meet these objectives.

Geosparc, the company providing organizations the best products and services to build Web and Cloud based geospatial solutions, today unveils Geomajas 1.14 at the Foss4G Conference. Geomajas 1.14 is the latest version of the company’s flagship software enabling businesses and governments to develop web and cloud based geospatial applications that are performing, secure, scalable and where all needed data sources can be integrated in a user-friendly way. This latest version comes with the newly developed GWT 2.0 client, which makes it easier to use, lighter to handle and providing a simplified API. At the same time Geomajas 1.14 now has over 30 plug-ins for adding extra functionalities to geospatial solutions built with the software.

Geomajas is the open source software of choice of many developers of geospatial solutions for business and governments to build web and cloud based applications. The main reasons governments and industries select Geomajas are the possibility to integrate different data sources in a performing, secure and scalable application, the time saving aspects (buildings a GIS app in days instead of months), ease of deployment via a simple browser, very fast build up of maps (even when multiple users are working on it), strong security features, strong back-office integration and the possibility to integrate advanced business logic. All that in one client-server software framework. 

Geomajas 1.14 comes with new and updated plug-ins including: TMS layer for adding a Tile Map Service raster to Geomajas, Runtime Configuration enabling developers to dynamically change the configuration for client and server layers and Desk Manager, a GUI for the creation and configuration of web GIS applications.

The endless possibilities of what you can do with Geomajas 1.14 and applications built with Geomajas are demonstrated at Foss4G on the booth of Geosparc.

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We provide developers, industries and governments with the best products, services and ideas to create and integrate Web GIS solutions. We build pre-defined Web GIS solutions and services using the open source software framework Geomajas. In doing so we help our customers unlock the full potential of spatial information on the web, contributing to a smarter, safer and more eco-friendly world.

Our team consists of consummate professionals from software engineers, project managers, consultants, business developers, to finance & admin people. Everyone of us has specialist expertise that complements the team and a single-minded focus to serve our customers as best as we can.

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Our core values are integrity, respect and sustainability

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We believe in teamwork and win-win partnerships to benefit our customers

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We have a penchant for open source technologies and believe in the power of sharing ideas and resources

Our partners play a pivotal role in bringing Geosparc’s Web GIS solutions to market, by spreading the word about our world-class GIS solutions, and by implementing our solutions and complementing them with their own offerings and local support services. We believe in win-win when working with our partners and in fully leveraging each other’s strengths to accomplish great things. We are building a network of partners with system integrators, value added resellers, software developers and consultants. If you are interested in partnering with us, we’d like to hear from you!


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