Geosparc helps you to monitor your waste water together with VMM

As part of the BEGOOD Interreg project, Geosparc has developed the open source Graph Tracing Engine in collaboration with the Flanders Environment Agency. This tracing algorithm allows you to quickly and efficiently determine the possible routes of your waste water. Getting a quick insight into the complex water and waste water system is crucial in emergency situations, and important for good policy and informing citizens.

With the help of the Graph Tracing Engine (GTE), data from the sewer network is combined with information from the surface water and the flow route of the wastewater from the entry into the sewage system through treatment plants to rivers can be determined. The tool can be used for both stream up and down routes. Both the possible source and impact of pollution can be traced with the tracing algorithm. The GTE is built into the Waste Water System (AWIS) of the VMM.

Open Source libraries such as JGrapht and Geotools are used for the development of the GTE. The tool itself, which can be used as a micro service, is also released under an open source license, Apache, and is available on the Github repository of VMM.

If you want to know more about the Graph Tracing Engine or the BEGOOD project, come to the VMM Roadshow in Leuven on 25 September or contact us.

Jeroen Saegeman