We improve the lives of citizens with well thought-out, geolocation based solutions based on open software and open data.

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What we do

We create software solutions and digital maps for our clients. We create those solutions and digital maps based on open data, commercial data and proprietary data. And then, we integrate those digital maps within our clients specific application, within any software they use (CRM, ERP, Document Management System, etc) or within their business processes. This integration results in better business decision-making, more efficient operations and brand new insights. In doing so we help our clients unlock the full potential of spatial information contributing to a smarter, safer and more eco-friendly world.

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Open Source

Whether you are a developer working for a software vendor, a channel partner or a company choosing to build its Web GIS solutions in house, Geomajas, a world class open source Web GIS software framework makes your job easier.

Geomajas is a collection of free and open source GIS libraries, tools and API's for a complete end-to-end web mapping solution. Its main components are the client and server projects, which have been designed to work seamlessly together. It will appeal to any Java developer and also a JavaScript API is available.

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Geosparc and its partners have created pre-defined Web GIS solutions covering various industries with their different types of needs. These solutions have been developed by expert Web GIS developers in cooperation with industry experts.

If you are looking for a custom Web GIS solution to your unique situation, you can trust us to deliver — we have a dedicated team of experts with years of experience building custom applications.

We invite you to take a look at what we can do for Ports & Maritime, Insurance, Utilities and other industries.

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Partner with Governments

Whether on a local, national or international level, governments need to leverage geospatial information to improve administrative procedures, coordinate with other government bodies and to better service their citizens. Governments need scalable, secure and reliable Web GIS solutions.
Geosparc can help integrate spatial information into applications that support decision making, and that update and validate data authenticity. Geosparc has a vast experience in working with governments on developing and deploying Web GIS solutions providing scalable, reliable and secure geospatial solutions.