The smart way to reserve & manage the use of public domain

Spotbooking is a simple, user-friendly solution to apply for, process and maintain intakes of public space within a town or city.


SPOTBOOKING, more than just intake of the public domain

Spotbooking allows individuals and organizations to submit applications/requests via a user-friendly application to temporarily occupy the public space, for example for a house move, renovation works, terraces, events and more.


20+ Municipalities and police zones;

75000+ requests processed;

10+ modules en much more


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Citizens, companies and other organizations can submit requests to temporarily occupy the public space, e.g. for terraces, events, road works and more. Applicants can easily draw the space they plan to occupy on a map via a user-friendly interface.



With Spotbooking local governmental organizations can handle requests, and approve or reject these. Thanks to the advice system the local governmental institution can be supported in taking the correct decision.

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Once applications are granted, enforcers can consult them via a mobile web application. They receive an overview of past, current and future applications at the location where they are located, both in a list and visually on the map.


Nog meer mogelijkheden?


Policy support

All data collected during application, processing and enforcement of permits is an invaluable resource for your policy support. Spotbooking offers support for interpreting and reporting


Web Application

Spotbooking is a modern web application that works on all devices, no matter how large or small.



Enforcement on the ground is just as important. That is why Spotbooking allows you to track observations on the public domain.

Adapted to your house style

Make sure that your citizens recognize your sites. With Spotbooking this is no problem, all clay and templates are freely adaptable to your house style.

Signaling Plans

Signalization plans can be signed online. Signs can be added to the map and detours can be entered in detail.

Easy to use

Spotbooking is easy to use, for applicants and back-office staff. The user-friendly application forms guide the user in just a few clicks to submitting an application.

And more!

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Link Spotbooking with Parktrack, the smart software for insight into your parking policy

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Reporting module

Gain insight into your data with the Spotbooking Reporting Module

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Web Integration Module

Make use of the web integration module and link Spotbooking to all your other software devices

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Web Services Module

Unlock your detailed Spotbooking data as WMS or WFS, for internal use or as open data for your citizens