The fastest way to track and manage issues


Imagine a heavy storm hits a city. Houses are damaged, trees have fallen down, cars are damaged, etc. How can a city or government institution quickly track and manage all those issues? With Issuedoc!

Issuedoc brings you an easy, point-and-click mobile solution to report issues and problems and to track issues on a map. With Issuedoc citizens or government representatives can quickly go out and track issues. It even allows you to enhance issues with text and pictures and it can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of cities and local governments.

Issuedoc can be easily connected to popular issue tracking devices or integrated with existing, proprietary business applications, backoffices and databases.

Issuedoc can be used by many government organizations and in many industries. For example:


Insurance companies

Insurance companies can have their agents document issues with text, pictures, gps location and other insurance specific information and have this send over to their headquarters in a second

Big industrial terrains/surfaces

Big industrial terrains/surfaces where workers, via their smartphone or tablet, can identify issues that are then automatically send to the persons that need to take action


Tourist routes where pedestrians or bikers can report on missing route descriptions (arrows, markings on the road) or report on other specifics


The possibilities for using Issuedoc are endless – the solution rock solid.

Why Issuedoc?

Packages with state-of-the-art issue handling back-end

  • Workflows

  • Assign issues to handlers

  • Reports on issue handling

Runs on all type of devices

  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Laptops and desktop PC’s

Simple yet powerful

  • Report issues

  • Locate them on the map

    • GPS

    • Cell location

    • WIFI location

  • Document it with pictures and images

    • Load from device file system

    • Take pictures with device camera

  • Add textual description for the issue

  • Submit

Easy to use mobile application

  • Point and click

  • User Friendly

  • Maximum use of device features like GPS and camera

Deployment options

  • SAAS

    • Service provided by Geosparc with monthly subscription

  • Server solution

    • Installation with customer, license based

Customization options

  • Custom style

    • CSS3

    • HTML5

  • Custom issue types

  • Custom background maps

  • Integration

    • Can be integrated with existing business processes and systems

    • Can be embedded within other mobile applications