Leuven reports on the use of its public domain via the Spotbooking Dashboard

Geosparc is committed to making smart use of data. For example, last year we started building interactive reporting of Spotbooking data.

Over the last few months, Geosparc, together with Police Leuven, refined its Spotbooking Dashboard, and is proud of the results! The dashboard of Leuven is a very strong tool to quickly and easily create very insightful reports on all facets of Spotbooking.

"The dashboard offers a huge number of possibilities, both policy and operational. All available data can be visualized online on the basis of selection criteria using the most recent data. The dashboard provides an overview of:

- the different permits with possible filters such as time forks, payment status, reason for the intake and / or the status of the files.

- the ratio of licenses issued, refused and canceled so that you can make adjustments quickly and permanently in order to guarantee maximum service. The dashboard offers the possibility to click through to the file for more detailed information.

- the different type of determinations with periodic distribution (day, month). Nice tool to refine your enforcement policy.

- the follow-up of the workload per employee, who is responsible for the processing of the applications and the delivery of the permits, in order to achieve a better division between the employees.

- the nature and reason of the intake so that you can form a realistic picture of the content of the public domain.

- the financial results based on payment status, method with an overview of the monies received. - the customer succession (natural and legal persons) to further optimize the service.

- the geographical distribution of applications across the different municipalities.  

This was a very smooth and constructive collaboration. Every problem was viewed as an opportunity and not as an additional workload. "  

Koen Wouters - Police Chief of Police Leuven

We would like to thank Police Leuven for the excellent cooperation in creating this report.

Feel free to schedule a demo of this via our planner. We will also be happy to explain this report at our next customer workshop that will be held in March.

Jeroen Saegeman