Enhance your GIS-skills via the giCases eLearning platform

GiCases is an eLearning platform which facilitates the collaborative creation, management and sharing of GIS knowledge between industrial partners and universities. Geosparc contributed to this platform in collaboration with KU Leuven and provides training modules about e-government, and agile development.

All case studies and the learning materials are freely available on the project's website. The giCASES eLearning platform includes all the training material developed within the giCASES Case Studies, which includes a large amount of advanced GIS educational resources in different formats; presentations, web-lectures, videos, exercises, assignments etc.You can find advanced GIS training (14 Training modules in 37 training units) covering areas such as:

  • Indoor positioning / webgis

  • Environment analysis

  • E-government

  • Utility networks / underground management

  • Energy saving policies

  • Forest applications

Registration is free and all the materials are released under an open CC BY-SA license.

Jeroen Saegeman